SoulFood Sunday II Struck Back Hart. Real Hart.

   We're a couple days on now from SoulFood Sunday II; that is, The Foreign Arm's very own soul music, art, and food fete hosted at Luna. Top to bottom we designed the event, and with the help of some friends and all of you who came out, we made it a night for the books ;D

   This month we were joined by San Antonio artists MC2 and the Soul Section, which featured rappers LQ and Smeazy trading bars over the booty-bewitching rhythms of the Soul Section. They bounced effortlessly between smooth R&B stylings and nod-ya-head rap, and frankly they need to be heard by many, many more people. Concertgoers arrived to the pulsing vibes of funk from across the ages curated by the boundless DJ Nova Soul, which, I had multiple people telling me they were Shazam'n tracks on tracks. Waiting in the wings were the staff of Chef Drea Prevo's Flavor of Favor, the culinary artiste we chose to provide the food for the event, and provide they did, with palate-flooding entrees like creole southern-fried chicken and grits to itis-inducing desserts like banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake. I did get the opportunity to try their meatloaf melt, which was just pretty marvelous, except for that I don't like cheese which I probably should have considered when I ordered the meatloaf *melt*, but eh... In another corner of the venue visual artist Cristobal Licea painted what the event spoke to him, producing art live on canvas. They featured vivid, stylized depictions of fellow artists in the midsts of their craft, practically springing off of the easel with life.

   We played two sets ourselves over the course of the night, with a particular highlight being when Vocab called our friend and musician Dfoy, along with Soul Section singer Kaitlan Solis on stage to participate in a cover of The Fugees' "Killin' Me Softly", featuring a powerful three-part vocal harmony. We had to prop the house back up after bringing it down so got dang hard so that we could finish the show. 

   This is all to say that, though George, Andrea, Omri, Omar, and I always meant for SoulFood Sunday to be something special, stepping inside Luna and really seeing it in action was, well, eye-opening. This was only the second installment, and we're already putting the touches on future SFSs. Frankly I'm stupid excited for this upcoming one, because our featured artist is dope as it gets, plus we have a couple surprises in store for y'all :-)


So! Until then!