Sunbrellas Out, Y'all; It's Spicy Out!

   Howdy everybody, and happy August! It's your friend Nick! It's been incredibly hot here in San Antonio, hasn't it? I think we set a record for sustained high temps? And yet, SoulFood Sunday IV at the end of July managed to be even hotter; crazy, right? Our buds in Cadillac Muzik went and played a killer show, all funky goodness. They joined us onstage during our set for a cover of Outkast's "Roses", which got a lot of folks in the crowd moving, which is what it's all about. I got to try some of SFS's resident food vendor Flavor of Favor's spicy lemon pepper-fried cauliflower, and oh lawt, y'all; es magnifique. It washes down real well with a Moscow Mule, just sayin'. My verbal recollection is one thing, but if you weren't there and you wanna know what I'm talking about first hand, you'll have your last chance for a while on September 2nd! We'll be featuring San Antonio music mastermind Greg G, so expect this show to be pretty packed. Bout it? Purchase tickets Here! Also, we may have a brand new song for you. Yeah, really. That said, what's been going on in our world? Glad ya asked! 


   1. Our EPK is complete! It's a small chronicling of our musical adventures so far, and we're very proud of it. We share this with people so that they'll be like, "Y'all legit af. Play at my place plz." Watch it and let us know if you'd let us place at your place plz. 


2. New merch designs are coming along nicely, and we think you'll be quite pleased when they're released toward the end of this month. :) Check here for updates! 


3. Have you checked out our collaboration with Imagine Books & Records yet? Vocab and I called in a few friends from the band Volcan to sit in with us for the taping. It's for their performance series "Booked", and we got to film a couple a songs with them. They're good people over there with a great venue, so make sure to stop in for a show! 


4. And finally, the music: Like a dream where you suddenly gain lucidity, our debut release is coming together in ways I couldn't have even hoped for. Without giving too much away, the songs are sounding more and more polished, the beats tight, and the feel... well, they feel real good ;3 


Keep an eye out here and on our social media for more updates, and we'll see ya soon! 


-N :)


photo by Damn Good Media 

Nick Blevins